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Marius Engh og Daniel Jensen
Cover with the Moon

17. mars 2016 – 10. april 2016



  • Velkommen til åpning torsdag 17. mars  kl. 19.00
  • Welcome to the opening Thursday 17 March at 19.00

By moonlight, I passed privet bushes and wide-leaved foliage. Faeries flew from the trees, it seemed to me, and wild rose bushes bloomed in the blackness. I fancied I felt Pan’s jealous breath upon my neck and thought I saw the burrowmen, and ape things, upon the road ahead. Fiends were on the loose and they followed me through the fields, rubbing their straw hands together, their turnip hearts black with malice. There were worlds of silence in my ears, my head numb, my feet numb, and crow’s feet under my eyes. Day by day, the moon gained on me. Perhaps I was a fool to imagine I could outrun astrology, a fool to imagine the stars could be stopped in their tracks. Day by day, the moon came towards me. I slept in ditches, where its cyclopic eye would never see me. The sun rose once more and I awoke, the mountains shrinking at my back.                       

– Stewart Lee, The Aphid

Marius Engh (1974, Oslo) lives and works in Oslo. Educated at the National Art Academy in Oslo 1996 – 2001.Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen from 1999 – 2000.

Daniel Jensen (1972, Malmö) lives and lives in Stockholm. Educated at the National Art Academy in Oslo 1997-2001 and Kunsthøgskolan Valand in Gothenburg 2000-2001.